1. The Communications Receiver Type RA.117 has been designed for use
as a general purpose receiver which will provide a high order of
selectivity and stability. The receiver covers a frequency range from 1.0 to
30.0 Mc/s.

2. A built-in crystal-controlled calibrator provides reference signals
at each 100 kc/s division to permit exact alignment of the scale
pointer. Two independent i.f. outputs, in parallel, at 100 kc/s are provided
for external use if required. A number of audio outputs are available
providing flexibility during operation; a small loudspeaker is fitted for
monitoring purposes.

3. The receiver is designed to operate from 100-125 volts and 200-250
volts, 45-65 c/s main supply. The power consumtion is approximately
100 watts.


4. The receiver is designed for both bench (table) and rack mounting.
The front panel is painted Light Battleship Grey (British Standard
Specification 381C, colour 697) and has been carefully designed to minimize
operator fatique.

5. The dimensions of the 1/8 in. thick front panel conform with the
requirements for mounting in a standard 19 in. rack.

6. For bench mounting, the receiver is fitted in a robust steel cabinet
which has a rear opening to enable the operator to gain easy acces
to the fuses and the termination strips.

7. A dust cover is provided with both models. This may be removed from
cabinet-mounted receivers in conditions of high ambient temperature.

8. The chassis and major modules are of cast construction thus ensuring
maximum rigidity and effective electrical screening. Each receiver
is supplied with three keys to facilitate removal of the control knobs,
insulated trimming tool and coaxial terminations for aerial and i.f.
connections. Extra sleeves can be provided with the terminations for
alternative coaxial cable sizes.